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Hands On Training

Intro To Shooting

Curious about shooting Pistols or revolvers? This is the course to take to learn the basics.

Gun Saftey CoursesThis curriculum starts with a quick refresher safety course. From there we will go over the firearms that will be used and learn the parts, safety Pistol and Revolver safety trainingmechanisms, loading/unloading, how to make the gun safe and how to clear any jams.



Shooting techniques and trainingThen we will go over the different shooting stances and pick a stance that will work best for you.



Gripping the gun is important. We will go over different methods to hold the gun and pick a gripsafe gunhandling that works best for you.

You will learn how to squeeze the trigger correctly so the gun has minimum movement for each shot.

Gun training with lasersBefore learning to aim the gun using the sights, your first shots will be shot using a laser sight. This will allow you to concentrate on the Stance, Grip and Trigger pull.


Once you master the basic techniques you will learn to aim using the sightsgun training sighting
on the gun.



I will constantly monitor your progress and continue at a pace that matches your skill level.

The most important things coming out of these lessons are Safety and correct basic techniques. Accuracy is not important as long as you are safe and not developing bad shooting habits.

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